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scabby marsolini

when thinking about oversized, we imagine too big, huge, borrowed and we make a fetish of it. Mom pants, boyfriend's  shirt, a hoodie for one of the boys.

This isn't about judging or admiring those, but about archetypes that make prototypes by judgements. This is about the flat one-dimensional joys, able to blow-up flighty and cursory.

sour marsolini
scabby marsolini
a special girl marsolini

The collection was made while on MA course at Faculty of Textile technology, zagreb in 2015 with the help of the mentor

mr. art. Jasmnika Končić

a special girl marsolini
marsolini possiblyV
sour marsolini

possiblyV is a

collection of three outfits,

made to superficially imitate body shapes.


°jacket in burgundy umbrella polyester, with adjustable sleeves

and faux leather body

°skirt in burgundy umbrella polyester, inflatable by walk, made up by air flow


°A beige pvc corset shirt

°faux leather jubbotto with pockets

°white umbrella polyester knee pants, with lining wounds by walking

a special girl

°a white  asymmetrical umbrella polyester jacket

°pearly khaki canvas dress made of two-dimensional tears i cry when you tell me this


Clothes, make-up, idea & art direction by Mia miletić

photos by matej vitasović

assistance luana lojić

zagreb, june, 2015.

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