N A R A N Č A S T O   or   O R A N G E

concentrates on problem of color orange's rare use in contemporary fashion design because of the connection with anti-fashion clothing garments.

It's a result of studying symbolical meanings of things and objects found in western civilization and their purpose of stigma and signalising out-of-orderness. Unisex garments are proposed as a product of admonitory and unified individual.

O R A N G E is a final thesis collection by                           for MA program of Fashion design at Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb. It consists of 7 outfits and a theoretical part written in terms of fashion theory.


The thesis was mentored by mr. art. Jasminka Končić and realized in September of 2017, with a help of SofijaSilvia, Matej Vitasović, Kasja Borić, Leda Kajfeš, Andrea Pliško and Dora Tominić.


PHOTOS BY SofijaSilvia

MODEL Mia Miletić



For the initial research that led to forming the patterns in the concept, visit nancara.

ORANGE, 2017