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to keep sterile, uniforms need to be boiled

it is forbidden to take photos in the hospital so the facade wouldn't get damaged

different colors are a result of differently charged conditions in the molecule of opinion

gentius, the iliric king, will pray for us and for our own so that we could stay healthy

synthetics will continue to be more expensive than the second skin

character is mimics, character is ready-to-wear

my neighbor thinks the Others are guilty for their own poverty

the outfits are not shown because not a single person fulfills all the conditions

to keep docile, the sheep need to be boiled

gentegentian marsolini
gentegentian marsolini

gentegentian, a                        collection of five complete outfits was drafted during the MA program at the Faculty of Textile Technology, Zagreb with the help of mr. art. Jasminka Končić


realized in Pula, June 2017. with the help of Dora Tominić, Antonija Bužleta and Anton Miletić




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