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marsolini fire&water
marsolini fire&water
marsolini earth&air
marsolin earth&air

Certain Features Of

At midnight, in winter when the moon is full,

To think of a waxing one, new beginnings, your youth,

You climb the sunbeams and give the cycle a tool,

Never to find if you matter and if it’s the truth.

Not at all clear, the mistiest and the muddiest of them all, a darkness,

Black bile that colors below 16% and your personal fight melts glaciers.

Mother-father shells, organism organizing, do you descend or just leave the waste?

Hard to catch, astatine, smooth subterranean deities fighting for nonexistent place.

Intangible breaths, you suffocate the diamond and produce a tear

Is your body made for you out of earth&air?

If a rain after cinders pollutes the system,

Is the battle for your burnout only to keep the feels alive?

And you still decide not to listen.

Are the countless sides a prism’s way to make a liar?

Or you’ll just light anything up, scared of the low place,

hoping the swelling will stop, hydropsy bubbling its pace?

Either a noble ever-living or just Mg lacking,

Taken for granted the benefits keeps attacking,

Beware the durable but not annulling, plotter,

Is your soul to you made of fire&water?

marsolini earth&air
marsolini fire&water
marsolini earth&air
marsolini fire&water
marsolini earth&air
marsolini fire&water
marsolini earth&air
marsolini fire&water

fire&water and earth&air sweaters are made by                              fully from upcycled materials and garments, therefore they can contain slight errors and bear signs of use. Both are personal qualia of the opposites and the traditional ideals clashing since forever, not being able to change by keeping the same analogy. It means it doesn’t work, and it means nothing.


Those are the answers/questions to Isa M. Lamuño’s, for an ongoing mutual project.

All materials by Mia Miletić, with the help of Nika Baćac on fire&water video.


You can own this sense data by purchasing from depop, both pieces are unique and unreproducible.

Certain Features Of, 2019

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